Happiness is within you

A bunch of flowers, a tasty food, a beautiful remote place or a comfortable couch at home to spent a lazy Sunday. Is that all your  happiness is? It’s true that some might experience more happiness habitually or  genetically. More than considering happiness  as an emotion,  what really  makes  people to long for happiness as a goal? And why does it stays only as an unattainable goal for some others? Well, scientists have conducted lot of studies in the area of happiness. It’s simply the healthy emotion which makes you easy to get  through.


 “The optimum level of happiness is quite  attainable”.  Before trusting this statement it is mandatory to examine your belief system regarding happiness. What is your definition of happiness? Some might consider a peaceful life as happy life, some may say being healthy is happiness, no sorrows is happiness, the smooth flow is happiness., and so on. Specifically the basic idea is that you need to define your happiness. And if you already got a definition of your own and the same definition does not help you to be  happy, it is high time  for you to redefine it. Clearly, redefining your own statement of belief what your happiness is important. If absence of something that causes you  to be unhappy, then you need to redefine that absence of something to presence of some other thing or gradually make yourself okay with the absence.


 Basically happiness is ease. Our thought process has got much to do with happiness. If depressive thoughts make  you depressed so do the happy thoughts make you happy. Just think of an evening you spent in your room alone remembering the past traumatic events or thinking about a worst outcome that has yet to come, it is quite depressive or it make you anxious. The  same room and evening you choose to spend  to think about beautiful happy moments in life which had happened or you  imagining a future that you attain something, it is possible; the rewiring of thoughts. The idea that thinking A instead of   B is kind of humanly possible even when the  thoughts are often automatic. If  thought A is negative you can consciously alter it to thought B which gives you an ease and why do we resist to do so while we are the creator and the perisher of our own thoughts. So, Think Happiness!!

Find your happiness Agents

As we work for anything, journaling to find out your happiness agents is mandatory in this connecting world. It might be your friends or family. These  agents have some serious roles in making your happiness hormones work like Happyr. Finding space for gossip evenings, laughter, fun, partying etc,. So do not restrict yourself to socialise. If you are someone finding difficulty in socialising, do not worry, you simply need to change your agent to some other things like books, movies, plantings, pets, morning walks or anything you find as your happiness agent. Still don’t forget in exploring your new happiness agents.

Finally, Happiness is about practicing it. Without practice you cannot master anything and an effective way of practicing happiness is possible in every moment you consciously live for yourself. Anything that you consider as good can make you happy. But it is your decision whether the same good thing have to make  you happy and it is your duty to assure the same  made you content.

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