happyr meetup
Hey there, Are you ready for our next Happyr meetup? Get ready to discuss your favorite movies! Whether you are a lover of classics or hits, we want to listen to your thoughts on the power of cinema. Share your...
happiness project for corporates
With Happy Happenings, we curate a range of activities for improving employee productivity through theatre, music, dance, art, games, and many more. The goals of the session are: 1. To relieve stress 2. To acquire new skills 3. To strengthen...
Events for retired civilians in Kochi
Who says age is in the numbers? How about spending some lovely moments in a cozy atmosphere, playing games with friends like little kids? Come join the Evergreen Senior Women’s Group to leave behind their daily routine and regain their...
story teeling session for kids at kochi
Join us for engaging and interactive story telling events for kids in Kochi. Let your children explore their imagination and creativity through fun and educational tales. Book your spot now!
night camping in kochi
Experience the thrill of camping events in Kochi surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Book your camping adventure today with family or friends and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience under the stars.
banana boat ride in kochi
Ride the waves and have fun on a banana boat ride in Kochi. Perfect for groups and families. Best Banana ride - Water sports in Kochi, Kerala
Theater workshop near in Kochi
Looking for a theater workshop near Kochi? Discover the best options available in your area and hone your acting skills with expert guidance and hands-on experience. Join now to explore your passion for theater and unlock your full potential as a performer.
Yoga Classes near in Kochi
Yoga Classes or Places near in Kochi, Kerala - Rejuvenate a new life through Yoga. Happyr provides the best Yoga Classes Near in Kochi.
Kneeboard Ride in Kochi
Kneeboard Ride in Kochi-try your hand at kneeboarding and enjoy the rush of surfing across the waves. Book your ride now for a new experience.
Wind Surfing in Kochi
Embark on a breathtaking wind surfing experience in Kochi, where strong winds and stunning coastal views create the perfect water sport.
Water skiing in Kochi
Experience the thrill of water skiing in Kochi, Kerala. Glide across the waves with ease and experience the water surfing & gliding in Kochi.
scuba diving in kochi
Embark on an underwater journey in Kochi and explore the vibrant marine life through scuba diving. Enjoy your adventure water sports Kochi.
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