In THUDIPP we have a theatre team of three professionals They are the graduatees of PONDICHERRY CENTRAL UNIVERSITY.They are doing active theatre and workshops in KERALA for past 2 years.
Take a journey to find your inner peace. Through the postures and breathing techniques of this ancient art form, you can build your strength, relax your mind, and improve your sense of wellbeing. 
Underwater yoga is designed to combat stress, promote healthy breathing and make new divers feel at ease in their underwater surroundings and allow new divers to be able to relax under the water because diving requires a lot of relaxing and getting comfortable to fine-tune your buoyancy and just be comfortable under there, the underwater yoga exercises are really fun and beneficial for everyone. So let’s step out of the mat, jump into the pool today and try the best experience
Underwater experiences are large and you’ll never run out of choices. Let's make bubbles! During the experience, you will take the first breath underwater, play games, search for items and learn about scuba diving gear. There are various activities and game plan convenient for families, couples and friends So be sure to book your activities long in advance and to unveil this truly remarkable underwater experience.
The natural scenery of the backwaters and the sea; concrete jungles and railway tracks and the Metro line crisscrossing the roads is a feast for the eyes. Residents, as well as visitors, have so far been able to enjoy these sights from the ground level. However, here is a chance to get thrilling views of these attractions from the air.
Ready to aim? Bow and arrow at the ready! The art of Archery goes way back, with its roots in hunting and on ancient battlefields. Once you start shooting you’ll see your confidence increase, with everyone smiling as they get better and better. This activity is suitable for ages 8+ with all young children accompanied by an adult.
Kneeboard ride is a fun pastime that allows people of all skill levels and ages to enjoy themselves. In which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable installation over a body of water sitting on knees over a floatable platform. In addition, the kneeboard rider must have adequate upper and lower body strength and flexibility. Also needs muscular endurance and good balance over water while sitting on the knees. You can learn and enjoy our advanced knee board training program at affordable prices.
Riding a horse releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals that make you feel good. If you're having fun (and we bet you will!), these euphoric chemicals will be released by the brain, reduce your stress, and make you feel better.
If you want to become a flamboyant in a crowd come and do surfing with the wind. Competence in the sport and mastery of more advanced maneuvers and initial lessons can be taken with our training packages at reasonable prices.
Gliding across the surface of the sea with the wind blowing through your hair is definitely an experience everyone must feel. Tighten your skis and hold on the cable as you’re pulled through the waters by a speed boat.
If you want to learn Scuba diving, and experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves. Our SSI certified Scuba water diving course is perfect for you.
Theatre is a form of entertainment that has been around for centuries.You're in the dark. The lights are off. The stage is set. You're about to experience a transformative journey like never before. An emotional talk with interactive exercises, this is a session for you and your spouse.Theatre is an art form, it is a means of communication, and it can also be a way to express your imagination. This workshop session will explore the relationship between Husband and Wife through theatre.
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