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Creative connections for Seniors

ART PLANET Studio in association with HAPPYR  will be conducting a series of free Drawing, Painting and Craft Sessions for the wonderful seniors of our vibrant community.

Pottery experience

Modelling clay is a great activity to keep children away from screens and digital devices. It is very versatile and there are so many ways toddlers and preschoolers can play and experiment with it. This highly creative craft activity also engages children’s senses and is a great medium for improving their motor skills. Playing with clays can help children unleash their creativity.

Feel the magic

Magic makes you happier and healthier. As long as it’s really impressive, astonishing and awe-inspiring magic. Magic is a performing art that entertains the audience through seemingly impossible feats conducted by the use of tricks, illusions, sleight of hand, and well-practiced moves.

Coconut leaf Craft

Learn an amazing skill of weaving your own toys from coconut leaves. Coconut palm leaf craft is a very ancient craft which is practiced in Kerala.You would be able to make watch, spectacles, whistle, snake, fish, bird, and other things from coconut leaves. The versatility of the material will amaze you.

Sunset kayaking

About the experience: The most popular kayaking tour in Kochi, the Sunset Kayaking is a 1-hour kayaking through the narrow Vembanad waterways hidden within Kochi City. This is guided kayaking on Prijon Capri expedition kayaks. Your experienced guide will ensure that you have a very safe and enjoyable expedition with us.

Dance & bond with your partner

About the experience  Give your relationship a boost through Couple Dance! Couple dance is a series of classes that help couples get lost in movement to beautiful music and rekindle the relationship with their partner. This class will help you to rediscover the simple joy of moving with your partner while escaping from the daily worries in just one hour. Couple dance is available for individuals and as a workshop for couples looking to refresh their relationship. 

Enjoy time with pets

About the experience Surround yourself with animals and let the healing begin. From big to small, furry to slimy, interacting with these innocent creatures will fill your heart with joy. Enjoy cuddles, scratches, hugs and company, while earning your “petsperience”. Interacting with animals help children learn empathy, love and patience, and help adults unwind and de-stress from their hectic schedules.

Experience classical dance sessions with Anjali & Ponnu

About the experience Have you always wanted to learn classical dance? Get in touch with your inner dancer and take home tips on how to keep your balance, maintain the right posture, and use hand gestures to express yourself. 

Kalaripayattu experience with Aravind Divakaran

About the experience Kalaripayattu is a wonderful way to explore oneself and be in touch with the self and surroundings, as well as to increase one’s strength, flexibility, cardiac health as well as emotional peace. An ancient martial art form from Kerala with roots in meditation, well-being and healing, Kalaripayattu includes a predetermined series of graceful, yet powerful movements and body postures in a ritualized sequence. 

Bird watching at Thattekadu

About the experience Join our experienced naturalists as they take you exploring the famed Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekkad. This bird watching tour helps you to step outside and experience the varied eco systems and biodiversity of the Western Ghats first hand with a naturalist. Breathe in some fresh air and enliven your senses.

Dance to your favorite songs with K Squad

About the experience: Join up with others to (re)discover the joys of life through movement, and spend the day feeling young and happy again. It’s about giving you the freedom to just be yourself and get lost in the beauty of movement. Expect happy music, no judgement, and lots of giggles throughout the entire hour class.  No experience necessary, just eagerness to dance.  

Explore Kochi’s hidden islands

About the experience Kochi Kayaking is a great way to explore the scenic and secluded Kadamakkudy islands. There are daily departures available for individuals and small groups. Kayak through Mangrove Forests, visit Fishermen Villages and enjoy scenic countryside. Visit Prawn & Crab farms and amazing bird life.

Theatre experience with Shruthi Raj

About the experience Do you want to open up to people and do things you never thought possible? Shy to Fly through theatre is designed to help people develop the confidence they need to participate in public life. Our interactive theatre will help you get over your fear and develop a personality that’s full of colour.

Rejuvenate through Yoga

About the experience Take a journey to find your inner peace. Through the postures and breathing techniques of this ancient art form, you can build your strength, relax your mind, and improve your sense of wellbeing.  

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