Stories written in Clay – The calm in Pottery

Right from the time we are kids, we have been one with the earth and mud. We mix mud with water and create small figurines and play with them. When a shape starts to form out of just the humble clay or mud, it is such a satisfying experience. The potter working at his wheel is something that stops everyone atleast for a few moments to watch his hands gently create magic right in front of our eyes. Wet clay that starts of as just a blob of wet nothing, gradually metamorphoses into the most beautiful pieces under his gentle touch, patience and talented hands. Just the touch of a finger gives amazing shapes, the quick touch of the palm and a whole new design gets life. The best thing about it all is how effortlessly he handles a material that can be so easily spoilt or broken or squished with the wrong pressure or even impatience.

What looks so easy is actually an art developed with long hours of practise and perseverance. Pottery has a calming effect on anyone who tries it. It requires your entire concentration, patience and a calm demeanour. All of which helps you relax and actually enjoy the experience while forgetting everything else for a few moments. This is exactly why we recommend Pottery as one of our experiences to help you relax either individually or with family. Pottery can be practised by kids, adults and the elderly alike. It is highly therapeutic and relaxing for all. While practising pottery there is a natural sync between your mind, hands, body and senses. Almost like a rhythm, a synergy. This enhances focus and also takes away your mind from external worries and stress atleast for a  certain amount of time.

Pottery is also an expression of our creativity, ideas and imagination. It offers endless options for exploring and experimenting. It is also a good exercise for fingers, hands and arms. Stress alleviation is a great takeaway from practising pottery. Another extremely positive effect that pottery has on you is it forces you to slow down and relax. This is an aspect of pottery that is not thought of much, but it definitely happens. Pottery cannot be rushed and never works out well if done so. Hence it is a welcome change from our otherwise fast paced life.

And last of all, the mental satisfaction of creating something and seeing a final result, no matter whether it is a little squished on a side or a little slanting to the other… it is something you created , something that holds a part of you in it.

Try it once and we are sure you will keep coming back to it!

Happy creations!

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