The Art of Letter Writing

Inlands, postcards, covers and stamps seem like long lost memories now. Letter writing seems to be an art that has been lost to the demands of time and the world to hasten everything into a race.

Everything is instant. Everything is fast. There is no charm of waiting and there is no charm of the anxious happiness that lasts throughout the wait.

There is a lot of meaning to writing a letter.

The first and foremost being that we dedicate our time to sharing our thoughts to the receiver. We think, we reflect, we remember to write down the things we need to share.And as we write we re-live those moments and smile, laugh or cry. Just like the photograph that captures moments in time and keeps them alive on paper for generations to see and remember.

The letter is a source of happiness for the sender and the receiver equally. Just a piece of paper with some words, bridging distances and connecting people. The excitement on seeing the words jam packed into a tiny paper can never be compared to digital mails or messages.Letter writing has an incomparable charm, a mystery and a feeling of being connected. Earlier it was pigeons that took days or weeks or  months and the words were so few.

And now you can write unlimited words and they reach the person instantly and yet we do not write.Are those days of jotting down memories over? Do you feel the need to bring it back?

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