The sky always has something new to show us. She is ever changing and a mystery always. The morning always gives us beautiful sunrises and azure sceneries with birds and clouds putting up a show like we have never seen before. The sunlight and the changing shapes are almost like a kaleidoscope that never ceases to amaze.

At night   she completely transforms into this awes inspiring dark beauty sometimes simple and sometimes jewelled.

The sky along with the celestial bodies, stars and planets were looked at from centuries. To know directions, to understand the weather, to predict signs and so much more. All this has changed with the advent of instruments to do this work.

But man’s fascination with the stars remains unchanged. The night sky is a beautiful event in itself and anyone who looks at it will surely find it awe inspiring and amazing. The twinkling stars that are mysteries in themselves, the unblinking planets that show themselves once in a while, a possible shooting star that reveals itself to a lucky few and the moon … silent and watchful over it’s team of beauties while casually carrying out duties of his own.

One amazing realisation that comes from star gazing is the sheer amazement at the magnificent and breath-taking size of the universe and how complex it is. Yet there is order and peace always. We   feel a sense of calm and peace when we realise that we are just so insignificant when compared to the sheer size of the universe.  The patterns of stars and constellations can also be mesmerizing and can take us to worlds unknown.

Star gazing can be a very relaxing activity, allowing you to escape from the stresses of everyday life and connect with something larger than yourself. It can also be a social activity, bringing people together to share in the wonder and beauty of the night sky. The best thing being that the sky is just there for everyone equally, making no discriminations or fuss. So just step out tonight and relax with some ethereal company and feel the peace set in.

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