Unnikale Oru Katha Parayam – Story Telling Event

Story telling events for kids in kochi –

“Books may well be the only true magic.” – Alice Hoffman

Reading is the best way to travel, without moving from our seats! We are instantly transported to the world of kings and queens, wizards and elves, lovers and enemies. We learn to fight their wars, understand their thoughts, and step into their shoes. When a book is read, we feel we have lived many lives and stories.

Let us help our children enter this world of magic, by inculcating in them a love for books, reading and stories.

After all, a child who reads is an adult who thinks.

About our host:
Our host Ms Sindhu Menon is a writer by profession. She was a teacher for almost 9 years before she decided to pursue her calling and get into writing full time. She worked as scriptwriter with noted actor, director (late) Shri. Pratap Pothen, and also conducts creative writing sessions for children. She has published 2 books till date and her book for kids “Whiskers and Tales” will be released soon.

She is the mother of 2 kids and a cat and believes that words are powerful and must be used responsibly. A heart thinker, she has loved stories right from the time her father read them out to her at bedtime. Harry Potter remains her all time favourite read.

Story telling events for kids in kochi-unnikale oru katha parayam-Kids event

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