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Shiro Abhyanga treatment in Kochi –

Shiro Abhyanga, a Sanskrit term, is a combination of two words – Shiro meaning head and Abhyanga meaning massage. Hence, Shiro Abhyanga is defined as a complete massage and relaxation of the upper body involving the head, neck and shoulder regions. The areas of the upper body are most prone to stress.

This rejuvenating Ayurvedic procedure involves massaging with dosha-specific, herb-infused oils. The massage oil is usually pre-mixed with potent, natural herbs which alleviate specific conditions.


Shiro Abhyanga treatment in Kochi | Ayurvedic treatment in Kochi, Kerala

Rate: Rs 500
Duration 30 minutes
Time: 6am to 5.30pm
Open all days
Location: Kakkanad

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