The forgotten art of coconut leaf craft

We are always in search of finding things that help us relax mentally, physically or both. One such thing is the art of Coconut Leaf Craft. The benefits of this craft go beyond the beautiful handicrafts they make, but also have to do with the way it helps build skills related to hand-eye coordination, which is a really important factor when it comes to self-reliance and sustainability in a world where use & throw has become the norm and this is one of the easy ways to relieve stress.

Coconut palm leaf craft is a very ancient craft practiced in Kerala. You can make watches, spectacles, whistles, snakes, fish, birds, etc. from coconut leaves. Coconut Leaf Toys Workshop helps in improving hand-eye coordination. Craftsmen prepare different objects using coconut palm leaves and add more fun to their lives while teaching the younger generation to value and preserve this craftsmanship passed on from generations as a pastime and learning material by organizing workshops.

This also helps our environment by promoting organic products like coconut leaf crafts which decompose easily to enrich the soil with nitrogen and phosphorus ions contributing to soil fertility along with an overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere leading to global warming and climate change disasters.

If you’re interested in making your own homemade toys, consider the fun and engaging activity of weaving coconut leaves into various shapes and forms! Not only will you be proud of something you created yourself from start to finish, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing it’s eco-friendly and supports good causes such as education and nutrition.

Make your own toys from coconut leaves!

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