Just a little ripple of kindness

The world is changing as fast as it is spinning. We are getting busier, losing track of people and the happenings around us. The people are just rushing to make money, elevate lifestyles, create a name and fame. In between all of this, we are sadly losing out on beautiful things like humanity, happiness, compassion and kindness.

Life ceases to be life and changes into some mechanical routine filled with more of anger, hatred, competition, selfishness and greed.

Humans without humanity are not humans at all.

Where are we lacking ? What is going wrong? What needs to change? Simple questions to be reflected on. When we find answers to these, we find humanity.

Many a times we forget that we can never survive alone, succeed alone, live alone. It is always a collective effort of several others around us that makes life worth living.

Why then do we not value the people around us? Why do we not harbour love, compassion and kindness,  rather than anger and hatred? We also miss out on the fact that all these negative emotions have adverse effects on us too, makes us miserable and negative and also unhealthy and unhappy too.

Such a simple thing to understand that the feelings we harbour always are the feelings we carry with us and it also influences our life in more ways than we can imagine or realise.

Just imagining how beautiful the world would be if we treated everyone around us in the same way that we wanted our life to be. In between the daily worries, schedules and life , it would be so good to be recipients of little acts of kindness. When people around us treat us with respect and compassion, we see positive changes in our days and lives. Why then do we not take that effort to be the same to others ?

Kindness need not be huge mountainous tasks. It can be all the little things.

Keeping a little water trough for the winged and furry friends, carrying a little extra lunch for that colleague who is struggling to multitask, just pausing to greet your neighbour and asking them if they are ok, calling family and letting them know that they are thought of even when far away, helping a co-worker or classmate with their work , sharing with the less fortunate whatever we have and so on. Just simple things, but they will resonate far and wide and definitely bring a bit of that happiness back to you.

The happiness that you thus create with kindness and compassion can never be taken away from you. It stays like an armour around you, keeping you positive and inspiring you to spread love and care all around. Kindness never goes unnoticed and always inspires others, even though you may not be aware of it.

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