Enjoy time with pets

About the experience

Surround yourself with animals and let the healing begin. From big to small, furry to slimy, interacting with these innocent creatures will fill your heart with joy. Enjoy cuddles, scratches, hugs and company, while earning your “petsperience”. Interacting with animals help children learn empathy, love and patience, and help adults unwind and de-stress from their hectic schedules.

About the host

We at ‘Rainforest pets and plants’ bring to you a new perspective of living, a major co-existence goal. As a contribution to the existing living scenario we can help you bring into your houses an extension of ourselves, be it a small vase of money plant at your working counter or a Purr-fect kitty as your lifetime companion.


Experience Details

Session duration – 1 hour

Rates - Rs 200 per hour

What’s included – Space, different pets, host to assist you through the experience

Rainforest Pets and Plants Pvt Ltd
Building number : 16/768
Building near Park Residency
Seaport Airport Road

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