Mindfulness Retreat to evoke your 5 senses

Spend 3 days in the lap of nature, away from the bustle of routine and city life. Experience life like never before through curated mindfulness workshops evoking your 5 senses.

• Witness breathtaking sunsets, gaze at the shimmering stars, rise with the glowing sun- Recharge through your sense of vision..

• Immerse in the healing power of rhythmic beats- rejuvenate in the harmony of your auditory sense..

• Embrace a life of deeper connections through Forest bathing- tap into nature’s bountiful energies through the power of touch and feel

• You are what you eat- Satiate your taste buds to a balanced sathvik diet, good food can be tasty too!

• A bridge that connects your life to consciousness and unites the body to the thought- Breath! Breathe right sessions for a healthy mind

Experiences lined up:

Check in: Sep 30 by 12 noon

1. Stargazing
2. Sound healing
3. Expression through movement
4. Satvik food that tantalise the taste
5. Breathing right
6. Forest bathing
7. Yoga
8. Transcendental meditation
9. Trek
10. Campfire and conversation circles
11. Self reflection
12. Yoganidra for restful sleep

Check out: Oct 2nd by 11 am

Tents on a twin-sharing basis

The number of participants will be limited to 25 to maintain the sanctity of the immersive experience, so please book your seats at the earliest!

Experience Details

Date: From Sep 30th to Oct 2nd, 2023
Location: Cox Cargil, Vattavada
Rate per person: 12000 inclusive of stay, food, experiences for 3 days and 2 nights

Number of tickets:
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